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Having worked with high-flying business owners, small business owners, sales people and self-employed professionals in the Wairarapa over the years, we think we have a pretty good understanding of why chamber membership works so well for business owners, and why you might want to be connected. There are 14 reasons:

1. Grow your Business      8. Mentoring
2. Being Motivated 9. Business Planning Support     
3. Collaboration 10. Focus
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5. Information 12. Training Opportunities
6. Networking 13. Fantastic & Fun Events
7. Opportunities 14. Member Benefits

Different people have different needs at different times in their lives, but we find most business owners share all 14 of these to varying degrees.

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As you will all be aware the Local Government Commission has just come out with a Draft Proposal for the reorganisation of the Wellington region.

This is, and should be, a momentous decision for the region as a whole. Therefore as the business community for Wairarapa I ask you to read the report. Volume 1 is the Public Report; this is an easy read.

For those who want to understand all the deciding principles behind the draft proposal look at Volume 2, Technical Report.

As it is coming up to Christmas and we understand time is both scarce and precious, click here for the Wairarapa section of the technical report. This covers the Local Governments reasoning behind deciding the Wairarapa Unitary Authority application was not a “reasonably practicable option”.

As this decision will be made by all of us, it is important that any decision we make is an informed one.

Here are some of the Local Government Commissions conclusions re Wairarapa:

5.89 Having considered the information that is summarised above, the Commission
determined that the establishment of a Wairarapa unitary authority would result in:

• significantly greater costs for the people of the Wairarapa than the status quo
when they already pay amongst the highest rates per person in Wellington Region
• less ability to share the costs of addressing public transport, flood protection
and other regional council functions with the rest of region
• risk to the delivery of public transport services to the Wairarapa due to the
ongoing need to rely on councils agreeing a funding formula
• limited ability to progress initiatives like the Wairarapa water investigation
project which would limit opportunities for economic development
• risk of an inability to meet future requirements with respect to environmental
management and flood protection
• significant transition costs which would not be able to be recovered in the short
to medium term
• a council that would have a shortfall in required revenue closer to the $10
million to $11 million per annum end of the estimates provided to the
Commission than the $2 million per annum estimates.

5.90 Any council(s) established as a result of a reorganisation scheme would be expected
to be able to operate effectively not just in the short-term but over a span of
decades. The Commission concluded that it could not be reasonably satisfied that a
Wairarapa unitary authority would have the necessary resources, both now and
into the future, to effectively carry out the responsibilities, duties and powers, of
both a territorial authority and a regional council, in terms of clause 11(5)(a) of
Schedule 3 of the Local Government Act 2002.

(Page 133 Technical Report)

We are very interested in your opinion and understanding what you think.
Click here to give feedback; it will take all of 1 minute.

The Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce ask that you take a look at the draft proposal for yourself and think about what this means for you, your business and your family, now and in the future. 

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